Scott Shadley

Director of Strategic Planning, Co-Chair SNIA CS TWG, SNIA Executive BoD Member
Solidigm Technology, SNIA

Scott is currently a Director of Strategic Planning at Solidigm. He has spent over 25 years in the semiconductor and storage space in MFG, Design, and Marketing. His experience spans 17 years at Micron. He spent time at STEC, where he was critical to the growth of the startup to acquisition. His efforts have helped lead to products in the market with over $300M in revenue. With over $2B in overall program revenues over the last 10 years. He recently spent time at NGD Systems driving Computational Storage Technology.

With the ongoing work in the CS TWG, the chairs will present the latest updates from the membership of the…

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We will guide the group to discuss the 1.0 specification, what it means for the industry, and where we go…

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