Building an Object based STaaS solution with Poseidon Storage

Time: Tue Sep 13 | 2:00pm - 2:50pm


Samsung recently contributed Poseidon project, which is an OCP-based industry collaboration between component vendor (Samsung), system vendor(Inspur) and data center. Poseidon is an open-source storage software and hardware platform for NVMe-oF based systems. It's an EDSFF based storage reference system, targeted for performance and density, suitable for cloud data center. Today cloud service providers (CSP) are constantly challenged with large volumes of data and increasing demand from customers for cost effective storage. To solve these challenges, CSPs provide software-defined StaaS(Storage as a Service) solutions by exposing the data as a service. STaaS services can be deployed with object, block and file storage. Amongst these, object based STaaS service is becoming popular, as object storage is the dominant class of storage for the cloud. We deployed object based STaaS on Poseidon, which provides a high-performance storage platform, suitable for AI and ML workloads. Also, we integrated our STaaS deployment with Kubernetes to manage storage resources, just like compute resources, delivering full scale automation of both stateful and stateless components. In our talk, we will discuss how Poseidon helps in improving data center storage efficiency and performance and present the S3 performance benchmark numbers obtained for the STaaS deployment.

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