SNIA SDXI Internals and its Journey Towards Standardizing Memory to Memory Data Movement

Time: Mon Sep 12 | 3:35pm - 4:25pm


Software memory copies have been the gold standard for applications performing memory data movement or operations in system memory. With new accelerators and memory types enriching the system architecture, accelerator-assisted memory data movement and transformation needs much-needed standardization. SNIA's SDXI (Smart Data Accelerator Interface) TWG is at the forefront of standardizing this and has been working towards a v1.0 since its formation in June 2020. In this talk, SNIA SDXI TWG members will summarize the SNIA SDXI specification’s development journey, its various use cases, and features leading to SNIA SDXI v1.0. Further, this talk will shed some light on future directions for the specification.

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