Best Practices for NVMe/TCP Deployment.

Time: Tue Sep 13 | 8:00pm - 9:00pm


NVMe over TCP has emerged to provide a more powerful, and compute resource friendly NVMe-oF technology deployment option. Not only does NVMe over TCP help with lower deployment costs and reducing design complexity, it also enables higher performance with lower latency. In essence, NVMe over TCP extends NVMe across the entire data center (from on-prem core to edge to cloud) using the simple, standard, and efficient well known TCP/IP fabric networks. This panel explores the challenges, issues, and benefits of addressing NVMe over TCP deployments without compromise. The session will explore storage and I/O workload testing techniques, tools, methodology, metrics and approaches to show how NVMe over TCP including TCP/IP and NVMe processing can be accelerated. Likewise, this panel discussion will look at how NVMe over TCP frees up host initiator as well as target resources to improve application performance, and server storage I/O workloads including compression, deduplication, encryption, rebuilds, and tiering among others.

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