Software-Enabled Flash™ Has Arrived

Time: Tue Sep 13 | 9:45am - 10:25am


Software-Enabled Flash™ technology is being developed to allow storage developers to maximize the value of flash deployed in their data centers. It makes flash storage software-defined by redefining the relationship between the host and solid-state storage. Purpose-built, media-centric hardware focused on cloud-scale requirements, combined with an open source API and SDK, give developers tools to define latency outcomes, tenant isolation, control flash background processes, and build their own application-centric storage protocols. The Software-Enabled Flash Project, under the Linux Foundation, was formed to advance this new technology and encourage collaboration and innovation in a vendor neutral forum. Learn about this new open source project, details of the Software-Enabled Flash technology, and the progress of groundbreaking engineering sample drives implementing this new, developer-focused paradigm.

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