NVMe/FC or NVMe/TCP an in-depth NVMe Packet & Flow Level Comparison Between the Two Transport Options

Time: Tue Sep 13 | 2:00pm - 2:50pm


All major storage vendors have started to offer NVMe/FC on their storage arrays. Almost all of them also have been offering an IP storage option via 25G ethernet iSCSI. Now with the introduction of NVMe/TCP that offers FC like services (discovery, notification, zoning) storage vendors can provide a software upgrade that would offer NVMe/TCP as an option. Customers have started to evaluate the NVMe transport options and are asking which infrastructure (Enet/FC) should they invest going forward? Not every customer can stage the in-depth testing and do a complete evaluation of NVMe/FC & NVMe/TCP. This presentation will not only educate customers on NVMe transport low level details but also will provide real network and storage configs, flow details and traces thus arming them with the knowledge to implement right NVMe-oF for them.

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