Container Data Backup - Going Beyond CSI

Time: Wed Sep 14 | 11:35am - 12:25pm


Container Application deployments are growing exponentially, and so as the challenges with container data protection. Users are first worried to ensure the data backup for their deployments. Kubernetes provides data backup features through CSI. Is that sufficient? What are the new demands and challenges? What are the solutions to the challenges? How can we ensure container data backup beyond the CSI supported features? This session tries to answer these questions. Also, it discusses the current state of Kubernetes native data protection solutions. We will describe the open-source solution architecture in which we are working currently for Kubernetes native container data backup and our next plans. The session covers various modules, internal and external interfaces, through which we can provide better backup/restore solutions, and how we can integrate different storage models (including cloud storage) through our storage provider framework. We will take inputs and suggestions from the audience and it can open up more collaboration for this open-source project.

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