Storage Sanitization - The Right Way to Make Data Go Away

Time: Wed Sep 14 | 4:35pm - 5:25pm


Almost everyone understands that systems and data both have lifecycles that typically include a disposal phase (i.e., what you do when you do not need something anymore). Conceptually, data needs to be eliminated either on a system or entirely (everywhere stored) as part of this disposal. Failure to correctly eliminate certain data can result in costly data breach scenarios. Selecting the form of storage sanitization that is appropriate to the sensitivity of the data sensitivity and that also considers circular business models is something that many organizations are pursuing. The new IEEE 2883 Standard for Sanitizing Storage is expected to help organizations address their data protection requirements without always using physical destruction. This session outlines the various forms of sanitization and methods used (e.g., clear, purge, and destruct). In addition, details are provided on representative storage to help explore what needs to be done, what can go wrong, and identify additional measures that may be needed to protect an organization.

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