Disaggregated NVMe/TCP Storage Using an Infrastructure Processing Unit (IPU)

Time: Thu Sep 15 | 9:10am - 10:00am


In this presentation, we will describe a complete end-to-end Software Defined Storage (SDS) solution for cloud data centers using Infrastructure Processing Units (IPUs). IPUs provide a high performance NVMe interface to host, abstracting away the details of networked storage and enabling storage disaggregation and bare-metal hosting. NVMe/TCP is a high performance protocol widely deployed because of its ease of deployment and better scalability in large scale-out networks. Integration of an IPU-based NVMe/TCP initiator with a Kubernetes CSI plugin for a clustered NVMe/TCP target provides a full software defined storage solution for IPU-equipped hosts. The outline of the presentation: - Overview of IPU architecture and SPDK-based NVMe/TCP Initiator Design - Overview of the LightBits Cloud Data Platform, a full-featured clustered NVMe/TCP target - Integration of IPU-based NVMe/TCP Initiator and backend storage service -- IPU Storage Management Agent (SMA) -- Integration with K8s CSI node driver for orchestration - Summary and Call to Action to enhance orchestration frameworks for IPU based storage solutions

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