Behind the Scenes for Azure Block Storage Unique Capabilities

Time: Mon Sep 12 | 10:35am - 11:25am


Azure Block Storage, also referred to as Azure Disks, is the persistent block storage for Azure Virtual Machines and a core pillar for Azure IaaS infrastructure. Azure offer unique block storage capabilities that differentiate it from other Cloud Block Storage offerings. In this talk, we will use a few of these capabilities as examples to reveal the technical designs behind and how they are tied to our XStore storage architecture. Starting with fast restore from snapshot, we will share the CoR technology built to orchestrate instant Disk recovery from snapshots stored in different storage medias. In addition, we will highlight how multi-protocol support is enabled on block storage for SCSI and REST access leveraging our 3-layer XStore architecture. We will conclude with recent enhancements to XStore architecture and upcoming innovations.

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