Parmeshwr Prasad

Principal Engineer
Dell, Co-Chair for SNIA Blockchain TWG

Parmeshwr Prasad is associated with DellEMC server division from past nine years. He has more than 14 years of experience in embedded system, servers, cloud, ML, blockchain and Open Source. He has been always passionate about new technologies. Keen passion for continuous learning, innovation and adoption of new ideas from lateral technology domains. He owns Patents (Currently 51) across diverse areas covering UEFI, ESRT, NVDIMM, Apache-Pass, neural-network, blockchain and PCIe. He is an active contributor in different communities such as Gen-Z, NVST, SNIA, HMST etc. He is also involved in designing some of the latest technology specs.

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Take any cloud deployment there are number of containers deployed. Most of the time data is spread across multiple databases.…

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